Richard Kent
is an artisan
carver working primarily with
antlers and wood


Handmade Art

Elk Antler Santa Ornament

Elk Antler Santa Chistmast Ornament

Antique Wooden Thread Spool

wooden spool christmas ornaments

Hand Carved Elk Antler

Hunter / Outdoorsman Christmas Gift

Antler Feather Necklaces

Hand-carved antler gift

Antler Feather Necklace

Custom Antler Carvings

Wooden Spool Angel Ornaments

antique wooden spool christmas ornament

Christmas Ornaments

Antler & Spool Christmas Ornaments Carvings

Elk & Reindeer Antler Carvings

scrimshaw style carvings

Booth Setup

Santa Wooden Spool Ornaments

Hand carved from antique wooden thread spools

Booth Setup Black Cloth

My work

Richard Kent is a third generation wood carver from Western Pennsylvania.
Kent currently specializes in antique wooden thread spool carvings and antler carving.

Note from Richard Kent

Kent Carver is something new for the renowned wood carver Richard Kent. Being a old-fashioned wood carving artisan makes computers and the internet somewhat frightening. Fortunately my children love me and believe in what I do, so they built me this site. You will notice that there is only a phone number and address for ordering my products, that is because I am old-fashioned and don't know how frequently I would check my inbox (I guess that is what it is called...)

Thank you very much for taking time to view my website and what I do with antique wooden thread spool and antler carving. I hope you enjoy these handmade Christmas ornaments that are sure to make a impact while on a budget. Each spool carving and antler carving is done by me and by hand.

All our reindeer antlers come from Anchorage, Alaska and are 100% antler sheds collected by local farmers, then sent to me directly for carving purposes only.

Please contact me to order products or ask questions: (724) 561-4410.

Richard Kent
Kent Carving -


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